Coronavirus (COVID-19) Changing the World – Working remotely from home

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting everywhere and one of the biggest challenges is the increase in people working from home and how you might get your computer problems resolved.

How do you make sure that you can continue to work without a technology disruption?

How do you prevent this disruption? 

Did you know we can resolve your computer issues remotely? You don’t even need to leave your home (as long as there is an internet connection), that way we can contain the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Coronavirus – Are you ready to work from home? Are you ready for your kids to be home from school?

Working with CT Hallett Cove will mean you have access to:

Immediate support via our Remote Support Capability allowing us to diagnose and fix standard issues using a secure internet connection.

Maximum protection via our Protection Plan which will give you the latest anti virus and anti spyware protection, ensuring your windows 10 is always up to date with the latest patches, weekly maintenance ensuring computer performance is maximised, and on some of the packages you get included remote/telephone support :-)

Creation of a VPN ensuring access to any external network is secure.

Using cloud solutions enabling you to work collaboratively and share files with other workers who are remote.

Updating equipment and systems like phones, utilisation of virtual conferencing solutions.

Backup solutions for remote workers.

Many questions many concerns that’s why talking with us will make your life easier

Contact us today so we can get you going – you can call us on 08 8387 3889 or email us at any time. Or just go straight through to our request a tech contact form.

If you require remote support and you are not yet on our Protection Plan, you can click on the remote support button on the top right of our website (when viewing on a PC) when instructed to do so – please call us first 08 8387 3889 so that we can talk you through.

If you still need an onsite visit or would like to drop off your computer to us, then rest assured we have implemented the following for your safety and ours:

  1. We are taking every precaution to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, washing our hands and social distancing.
  2. You can leave your computer outside our office door if you prefer not to come in. We are avoiding all social events and taking every step to protect our family as well as yours.
  3. All payments can be via credit card – we have an online option or bank transfer – no cheque or cash at this time please.
  4. John is OCD when it comes to cleanliness – all computers will be cleaned before even handling them!

Now is the time for us all to pull together and support one another!