Computer Troubleshooters Protection Plan

All the statistics point to the need for individuals and businesses to:

  • Protect to prevent a breach of your systems and data

  • Monitor to detect an attack

  • React to cure the breach

Today’s solutions require more than end-point protection on your computer or laptop. It is also about ensuring you have a complete solution across everything you are using. This includes the usage of cloud applications, email hosted applications, website protection, and of course data protection.

We have all heard stories about the business or the person that has been compromised by ransomware.

Computer headaches?

Computer Troubleshooters solution
that protects to prevent attack –

The Protection Plan

Fast, reliable – this plan involves a monthly fee per device and can include scheduled daily back-ups. Peace of mind from as little as $11 per month per computer*

When your PC malfunctions, you’ll never be left wondering “have I backed up?”. Each week, new viruses are created. These can only be removed if your security is regularly updated so they can identify and remove new viruses. With the additional option of cloud backups, you can be safe in the knowledge that we have got your data protected too.

A Protection Plan can help you avoid computer catastrophes and costly repairs.

Available for Windows computers and servers plus Macs.

You can also broaden this plan to cover other important IT support functions and maintenance.

With a wide range of options within our Protection Plans the following are available –

  • 24 x 7 monitoring and alerting for issues that may occur

  • Maintenance Monday – weekly tune-up of your computers

  • Management of Microsoft Windows security patches and updates (Windows 7 is no longer supported and there are no more updates to this READ MORE HERE)

  • Security software – Anti virus and Anti spyware software included

  • Remote access tool

  • Minimise the risk against ransomware

  • Automatic updating of many common programs

  • Monthly health check report for performance and prevention (on some plans)

  • Priority support at our Service Centre (on some plans)

  • Daily back up to the cloud (additional option)

*Plans are billed annually. Monthly or quarterly billing on PCs is only available when 3 or more PCs are on the plan – get in touch for more details on this product, and the different plans available or CLICK HERE.

Convenient, easy, up-to-date, and peace of mind in one easy solution from Computer Troubleshooters.  You focus on your business, we focus on your IT problems. In the background, we’ve combined some advanced monitoring technology from our industry-leading partners, with best practice guidelines developed by over 450 Computer Troubleshooters experts worldwide.  This allows us to constantly review the health of your systems and to act on many symptoms before they develop into major problems.    

Data breach statistics:

The following statistics have been taken from the VEDA 2016 report Cybercrime and fraud report. Root causes of data breach –


Human Error


System Glitch


Malicious or Criminal Attack

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Often we are called in after the event to provide a cure.

Where this occurs we can provide a range of services and products to remediate the problems created by a cyber incident.

Some of these services are:

  • Installation of end-point protection such as Webroot

  • Removal of viruses and spyware

  • Computer maintenance checks to improve performance

  • System restore and cleaning

  • IT assessment

Other areas of focus are:

  • Network and Cloud based Internet Security

  • Unified Threat Management

  • Content Management

  • Network Access Management

  • Data back up and recovery

For more information call us on 08 8387 3889 to discuss your personalised Protection Plans.