Smart Choice – Managed Security

2021 is the year where the smart choice for Australian SME’s is to protect against the growth of criminal activity by implementing an outsourced Security Service. Small to medium businesses do not have the technical resources and knowledge to stay abreast of the evolving security challenges.

Ransomware, Phishing attacks are growing as one of the biggest risks to SME businesses.  Barracuda (a world leader in IT security) recently reported that 71% of all phishing attacks include malicious URL’s.  The Phishing category of attacks covers emails that attempt the following: Brand impersonation, Forms, Attachments, and spear phishing aims to steal sensitive information such as login credentials or financial details.

Other categories of threats include Business Email Compromise (BEC) also identified as whaling attacks. In this category Hackers are impersonating an employee, a vendor or other trusted individual for financial gain.  They look to induce a transfer to an illegal account, compromise payroll runs by requesting an account change, hijack a conversation by impersonation of a vendor/supplier resulting in a request for payment.  The last type is by impersonating a domain through typo squatting.

Barracuda recently reported that in 2020 BEC attacks were the fastest growing and now represent around 12% of all spear phishing attacks.

A survey completed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre in 2019 found that most SMEs know they are exposed to cybersecurity risk, but don’t really understand the underlying threat or vulnerabilities leading to that risk. Meaning SMEs cannot interpret how cybersecurity risk translates into business risk.

Without a realistic understanding of the issues faced, SMEs are unlikely to address the risks. The smart choice is to engage Computer Troubleshooters. Our monthly fee to implement, monitor and maintain your cybersecurity defences makes business sense while giving you peace-of-mind.

The process employed by your local Computer Troubleshooters is an initial assessment/discovery meeting. This may involve an overview of your IT system.  We use highly sophisticated software that collects information and compiles a report. We outline the health of your IT infrastructure and underline your security vulnerabilities. All at no initial cost to you if you proceed.

Some areas of major pain areas for businesses are:

  • Protecting email inboxes against spam and viruses.

  • Blocking phishing and ransomware attacks.

  • Effectively configuring/managing 2 factor authentication.

  • Password management and updating of passwords in accordance with policy.

  • Protecting devices that are mobile such as laptops, smartphones and tablets all storing sensitive company data.

  • Protecting against data loss through backup such as backing up email, restricting the copying and saving of business information on unauthorised devices.

  • Controlling access to business information especially on shared documents. Increasing during this peak period of remote working.

  • Implementing multiple layers of access to sensitive documents, example using pin numbers.

  • Keeping all security endpoint software and operating systems up to date and consistent across all users of an organisation. (Patch management)

  • Receiving quick and reliable support when required.

All of the above can be addressed through the managed services and support options. If your connected to the internet, then you need protection. With our security protocols in place you can be assured we are monitoring and acting to an event so your business doesn’t miss a beat.

Stay secure and maximise the benefits of using products like Microsoft 365 through the cloud.

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