Data Management and Recovery Services

The modern business relies on data more than ever, hence there is a need to manage, protect and, if required, recover their data.

These facts cannot be ignored:


of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster. (Source: Boston Computing Network’s, ‘Data Loss Statistics’)


of SMBs have lost data in the cloud and had to restore their information from backups (Source: Symantec’s 2013 report, ‘Avoiding the Hidden Costs of the Cloud’)


of business people have experienced (or will experience) data loss due to accidental deletion, disk or system failure, viruses, fire or some other disaster (Source: Carbonite)

For any business, data loss is catastrophic, with an impact that is wide and damaging to the business. The damage includes exposing a business to potential fines, loss of revenue, customers, and increased costs. The biggest impact potentially being to its reputation and the ability to keep or acquire customers.

Where do you start?
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We will work with you to identify the steps and services you require by assessing your current situation, against standard benchmarks providing you with a plan of action on what is required moving forward to minimise the risk of data loss to your business.

Service options include:

Protection Plan

It is about ensuring you have a complete solution across everything you are using. This includes data protection.

Development of an ongoing Protection Plan that is managed and delivered via a monthly fee, a solution that can incorporate Local backup, or Cloud backup.

Cloud Backup

Our cloud backup solutions are enterprise-grade, locally-hosted in Australia and a fully featured backup platform to help you simply and cost-effectively mitigate the risks of cyber-events such as a ransomware attack. Get in touch today for  details of the different costs for storage spaces.

Data Recovery services

You may already be compromised and require our Data recovery services. Recovering data from servers, computers, hard drives, USB sticks & phones is dependent on what has caused the loss. In certain instances we will have to call on our data recovery partner at Ontrack to maximise the chances of recovering your data as quickly as possible.

We can also support you with any insurance claim by providing a supporting letter of authority for your insurance company.

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