Detecting a phishing email

10 Things to watch

The shareable image below provides you with a quick top ten list that you can use to help educate yourselves on how to spot a phishing email. I know that we all think we can spot them, but they just have to catch you on an off day, and before you know it you have clicked links which have taken you to a site that convinces you to call them up and they remote in and get your bank login details….. sadly we had a client who had $14,000 from them just the other week.

Quick overview –

Don’t trust the display name of who the email is from.

Look but don’t click

Check for spelling errors

Consider the salutation

Is the email asking for personal information?

Beware of urgency

Check the email signature

Be careful with attachments

Don’t believe everything you see

When in doubt – ask Computer Troubleshooters!

Detecting a phishing email


Of course if you are still not sure – please contact us immediately so we can advise. Give us a call 8387 3889 – or use our contact form to get in touch with us now!






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