Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the application of choice for businesses who are looking to achieve increased productivity.  Microsoft 365 delivers so many benefits for businesses with the major one being increased collaboration, flexibility by enabling employees or owners to work wherever and whenever all for a monthly subscription.

Microsoft 365 is changing IT Infrastructure requirements for small to medium businesses as they are not faced with a large capital expenditure on server hardware as Microsoft 365 uses cloud technologies to integrate email, storage, teleconferencing (Skype for Business) and software applications all for a monthly subscription fee.


Why use Computer Troubleshooters?

Because Computer Troubleshooters saves you time and energy by ensuring you migrate with a minimum of fuss to Microsoft 365. Setting up and migrating from existing systems can be frustrating, confusing and costly.  Computer Troubleshooters alleviates that frustration for you.

As a Microsoft partner Computer Troubleshooters Hallett Cove have invested considerable time and effort in training and learning Office 365 including: licencing options, migration methodologies and administration. We can migrate your existing environment to Microsoft 365 far quicker and at a reasonable price, especially when you are comparing against replacing existing server networks and hardware.

Ask us to complete an IT assessment on moving your business to Microsoft 365 – you will be surprised at the savings, increased flexibility and the speed at which it can be deployed.

  • Expert advice on Microsoft 365

  • Full product deployment setup and migration of existing users and data

  • Single point of management for system administration, technical and user support

All available at Computer Troubleshooters Hallett Cove

In addition, we can:

Setup your Microsoft 365 subscription. There are many different plans, and we will make sure that we subscribe you to the plan that meets your needs. Monthly or quarterly, or annual payments (all with an annual commitment).

Subscription options range from Office Exchange, Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Microsoft 365 Apps, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, O365 Enterprise E3, the list is endless!

Subject to your needs, your commitment could be as little as $10 to $20 per month.

Start with our Microsoft 365 IT assessment where your options are outlined and the anticipated benefits of moving your business to Microsoft 365. The assessment is Free – what do you have to lose.

Computer Troubleshooters solutions and services are aimed at ensuring your IT systems have an alignment to the 4 key business goals identified by Microsoft research.

IT systems

Reliable, securely enabled and protected.


Business from anywhere on any device

Ensuring staff have the ability and capacity to work from anywhere and on any device.


Connecting with clients and staff

Capacity to work from multiple locations, collaborate and share using your IT systems.


Flexibility to grow efficiently

With a scalable IT System without large capital investment outlays.


Feel at ease and comfortable about your IT when you combine a move to Microsoft 365 with Computer Troubleshooters professional IT support and administration enabling greater productivity, business continuity and protection from security threats.

What happens after migrating to Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a Microsoft product and service they manage the day to day functions of the hosted facility ensuring everything is working and they maintain the applications. What they do not do is manage the users, profiles, and passwords that require management for security reasons. Microsoft cannot help you here but Computer Troubleshooters can for a small monthly subscription.

For peace of mind ask about all our BEST managed plans
for support and troubleshooting.

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