I only need one file or directory

2018-11-07T10:48:00+09:30Wednesday, 7 November, 2018||

Due to the way the recovery process works, the cost and work required to recover one file is equal to the amount required to recover all files. Instead of [...]

Your competition can do it cheaper

2018-11-07T10:46:54+09:30Wednesday, 7 November, 2018||

We are confident that our technology, capabilities, and experience enable us to offer the best value and highest quality services available. Our track record speaks for itself. We pride [...]

There isn’t a 100% recovery guarantee

2018-11-07T10:45:33+09:30Wednesday, 7 November, 2018||

This is true. No recovery company can honestly provide upfront recovery guarantees until they know the full extent of the damage. Only a thorough evaluation of the damaged media, [...]

I can fix it myself

2018-11-07T10:44:58+09:30Wednesday, 7 November, 2018||

While possible in some cases, this option must be considered with extreme caution. You can risk further data loss and if the data loss was due to mechanical failure, [...]

The price is too high

2018-11-07T10:45:18+09:30Wednesday, 7 November, 2018||

Our pricing is based on the nature and severity of your data loss and amount of work necessary to retrieve your valuable data, not the amount of data recovered. [...]

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